Part 1: Y2K didn’t change the world, but it almost killed me.

This is Part 1 of my testimony. There will be many more parts. I hope you’ll be back to read the rest because this story, though messy at times, ends beautifully in the arms of Jesus Christ.

The year 2000, is when it happened. I was living in South Florida, going to college, and working at Hooters. Yes, I was a Hooter’s girl for about 7 years. It was an awesome job at the time. I made tons of money; none of which I put to good use. Now stay with me here because it goes with the story: most people think that having large breasts are a requirement for working at hooters, but you’d be wrong. I didn’t have large breasts, though most of my friends did because they’d gotten breast augmentation surgery (that’s the nice way to say “boob job”).

I promise this is going someplace; please keep reading.

I decided to get a “boob job” too. Some of the girls I most admired at Hooters, the pretty ones, the cool ones, the ones I wanted to be like, were getting boob jobs. So why not me? I said it was for my self-esteem and happiness. However, in the background of my life there was my boyfriend (now EX-boyfriend, a man who I’d rather not talk about because he’s not worth it). He whispered in my ear his nicknames for my breasts: “droopy” and “floppy”. My self-esteem plummeted. So, did I get the surgery for myself, to inflate my self-esteem, or to inflate “droopy” and “floppy” for his sake? It doesn’t matter, that’s not the “thing” that happened – you know, that thing I mentioned in the first sentence of this post.

After the surgery, I was prescribed painkillers. Most people take painkillers and get tired or nauseous, but not me. Painkillers deceived me; they lied. They made me feel happy, cool, fun, strong, invincible, and confident. But truly, I was none of those things, and after some time, they made me addicted. My doctor kept prescribing them much longer than he should have, and after that I found a way to get them on the street. It was a dangerous and expensive endeavor.

So, sixteen years ago, I was 22 years old, 500 miles from home, and addicted to painkillers. My addiction got much worse, along with the rest of my life. I dropped out of school and left my boyfriend. I was very manipulative and promiscuous to get what I wanted, and “couch hopped” (which means I was homeless), until I ran out of money. Then I sat and tried to figure out how to end it all.

I remember that night vividly. Sitting on my friend’s living room floor around New Year’s Eve. She was away visiting family. It was a beautiful apartment, nothing I could afford on my own. I was alone, except for my beloved dog (pictured below). I was trying to figure out how to get help without actually having to ask for help. I came up with an idea. The idea involved a bottle of pills, a bottle of vodka, and driving until something happened.

Please come back for the rest of my testimony. I promise it’s an amazing story.


My Shih Tzu, Pooky. My reason for staying alive that night.



22 thoughts on “Part 1: Y2K didn’t change the world, but it almost killed me.

  1. Dear Bree, I am so proud of you! You are an amazing writer, but more importantly, willing to share your story to help others. You are extremely courageous. I am positive that your story is going to resonate with many and show them that there is always hope in Christ.
    God bless you, Aunt Kathy

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    1. Aunt Kathy! Thank you so much. This blog has been a long time coming because I’ve been so scared to write it. But I believe sharing my story will help others, perhaps even help them find Christ, at least that’s what I’m hoping. Love you.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Mary. I promise there is much more to this story to come. I didn’t know how to split it into blog sized pieces, but I’m trying. Thank you for saying I’m brave, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I want to help others by using my past that was so messy before I met Jesus. I want to bless others by showing them that they too can overcome their past.


  2. Intriguing Dear Bree!! The part about the pain meds is exactly how the enemy comes in to steal ,kill and destroy !!
    Your dog is adorable !
    You left me wanting more and that’s a good thing !!

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